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Is this a Good Noise or a Bad One?

The noises that come from our homes can indicate both that things are fine and that there are problems that need to be addressed. Knowing the difference between a good noise or a bad noise can be the difference between your home being fine and major appliances breaking. Some sounds that come from a home can seem innocuous, but it is important to take all noises you hear seriously.

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For instance, do you hear a high-pitched whistle sound coming from your bathroom? A toilet makes this noise when the fill valve is damaged or broken. More specifically, the sound will originate at the opening of the metal ballcock valve. The ball that is attached to the metal armature will drop when you flush a toilet (this opens the aperture on the other side). When water begins to fill the tank the aperture slowly closes. If the gasket on the fill valve is worn out it may start to vibrate (which spreads to the armature and ball). The vibrations that cause the whistling sound will not stop until the aperture closes all the way. This won’t happen until a New York plumber fixes and replaces your fill valve.

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Listen to the sounds your plumbing system is making.


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