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Plumbing Tips to Save on Water Consumption

The average New York resident uses over 60 gallons of fresh water per day for cooking, cleaning, and other household activities. We often forget how precious water is as a resource, and as the world’s population continues to increase, it becomes exponentially more important to conserve water. By limiting the amount of water that you use on a daily basis, you can be kinder to the planet while saving money.

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The most effective method of promoting water consumption is to gain complete control over the amount of water that pass througSh the fixtures in your home. If you limit your water pressure and switch to high-efficiency faucets, you can dramatically reduce the rate of water that leaves the pipes. A plumber in NYC is a great resource to help you conserve water. Plumbers in NYC are apt at installing high-efficiency faucets and appliance and can reduce the water pressure in a home or apartment.

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In addition to changing structural aspects of your home or apartment, you can also make behavioral adjustments to limit water consumption. For example, turning the faucet off when you brush your teeth or wash dishes is an excellent way to reduce usage.

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