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What to do if your Toilet is Overflowing

It is easy to panic as you watch the water in your toilet bowl backup and overflow onto the floor. In a situation like this, you need to be ready to act quickly. You do not have chance to run to a computer and look up information on the Internet, and you don't have the time to wait for an emergency plumber. The longer you wait, the more wastewater will overflow onto the floor.

Preparing for a potential flood can save you from disaster. You should:

  1. Identify where the toilet's water-supply valve is located. Knowing where this is and how to turn it off is the only way to stop water from flowing. A valve can remain open for years at a time, so a wrench might be needed to help turn the valve
  2. Know what a flapper is and where it is located. If you cannot shut down the water through the valve, you can manually close the flapper. This usually stops the flow
  3. Know what a float ball is and how it works. If your valve does not remain shut, you can manually lift the float ball to stop the flow of water.
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It is important to note that stopping the flow of water will only prevent a flood. It does not fix the issue that is responsible for the flood. When the water is stopped, you can reach out for a Plumber New York. They can help you can fix the clog and get your toilet working properly.

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