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Why is Water Pressure Inconsistent?

plumbers nycLow water pressure can happen from all faucets in a home, which can take a toll on comfortable daily living. Low water pressure from kitchen sinks makes doing dishes difficult. A showerhead pumping out water with minimal pressure makes it hard to get rid of all the soap from one's body (this is especially hard when shampooing or conditioning hair). There are several factors that can create a lack of pressure, and each factor is something a plumber can fix.

One of the simplest answers for low pressure is a clogged screen. Sinks and showers have screens that cover the pipe. The screens are usually internal and they are designed to collect debris. Cleaning old screens or getting news one can potentially fix the problem.

Another common cause for low pressure is a leaky pipe. If there are any cracks or loose connection on pipes, pressure of water will be reduced. The leaking pipe can be found anywhere within the line, and so trusting plumbers in NYC is the best way to fix the problem.

Plumbers NYC

Identifying why pressure is low is difficult, and so it is best to reach out for trained professionals. You do not have to live with weak water pressure.

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