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When renting an apartment, it is inevitable that you will face plumbing problems. Even the newest apartment will have issues. When renters notice plumbing problems in their apartment, they will need to contact their landlord immediately. Most landlords will have a professional plumber they turn to for all their needs.

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A clogged toilet is a very common problem that renters will come across. Everyone is encouraged to keep a plunger handy for whenever bathroom clogs occur. Usually, a plunger will be able to resolve the issue. However, in some cases, a professional plumber will need to handle the situation. A professional will almost always need to be called for bathrooms with an older model toilet.

Frozen pipes are another issue that renters will commonly face. Burst pipes during the winter months is a highly damaging problem. When the pipes burst, water will spill everywhere which can result in flooding or water damage. When a pipe burst, call the landlord immediately. Also, remove any items in the apartment that can be damaged permanently by water.

Another problem that renters could face is a clogged drain. Even with the use of a kitchen sink strainer, food can find its way down the drain. A liquid drain cleaner could assist with minor clogs. However, if a clogged drain does not clear up, a professional will need to be called in.

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One more issue that many renters will face is a dripping faucet. Never ignore a dripping faucet as it can cause tenants and landlords money in wasted water. In most cases, pipes will need to be taken apart, and a washer replaced when fixing a dripping faucet. Due to the extensive work required, a dripping faucet should be reported to the landlord so he can call in a plumber.

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