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Be Careful When Using Bath bombs

There are many ways to relax after a long and stressful day, but few work as well as a long, hot bath. There is something special about the feeling of stepping into a tub filled with warm water. Bath bombs are added to water as to make bath time even more relaxing. The aromas and ingredients inside are designed to make people comfortable and relaxed. Bath bombs offer users a unique way to relax, but relaxing like this does have its drawbacks. Bath bombs can sometimes be hazardous to a plumbing system. When reaching for a bomb for your next bath, you may want to first consider the plumbing consequences.

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  • Bath bombs contain oil and oil should never go down a drain. Just as a homeowner does not pour oil or grease into a sink drain, the same applies to bathrooms.
  • Bath bombs contain salt that dissolves in the water. It is not uncommon for parts of the bomb to not dissolve fully and get trapped in a drain.
  • Bath bombs contain extra ingredients, like flower petals, which can also get caught in a drain.

Although there is a danger factor associated with using these bombs, they can and should still be used. If you decided to use a bomb in your next bath, consider sealing the bomb inside a pair of pantyhose. Dissolved parts will escape, and more substantial pieces will stay in the nylon.

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