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Should I Get a Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal can simplify household tasks significantly by adding ease to kitchen clean ups. A garbage disposal is an effective system that helps to effectively take care of food waste, while promoting healthy environmental initiatives. By installing a garbage disposal, you not only limit waste in your home, but you reduce waste that gets transported to landfills. There are many beneficial reasons as to why you should install a garbage disposal.

Plumber NYCFirst and foremost, food waste is dramatically reduced by a garbage disposal. By running food through the disposal system, you can limit the amount of waste accumulating in your home, dramatically reducing the smell of garbage. In contrast, the food is quickly removed from the home through the plumbing system.

In addition to limiting garbage, the disposals are a lot more environmentally friendly than traditional waste systems. Food scraps that are traditionally thrown into the solid waste stream add to the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. Around 20% of all solid waste is composed of food scraps; by using a disposal a homeowner can recycle food scraps into energy and fertilizer through wastewater treatment. Repurposing solid waste into energy and fertilizers is a great way to recycle spent resources. Bio solids, or treated sludge, are the by-product of treated foods at a wastewater recycling facility. Additionally, Bio solids are created through less- energy intensive manufacturing processes. They can be sold as fertilizers by the cities, which will generate a great deal of income. A recent life cycle analysis stated that garbage disposals help to reduce global warming.

In addition to being beneficial to the environment, garbage disposals are also cost effective and cheap to install. The average disposer cost less than 50 cents a year to operate and only uses 1% of a household's water. It can even protect the health of plumbing pipes. By limiting food buildup from scraps, pipes are less likely to clog or burst from built up pressure. Overall, installations are primarily routine and inexpensive plumbing procedures.

Installation of a garbage disposal can be a difficult task. If you are interested in the appliance, you should contact a local plumber who is well versed in garbage disposal installation. Overall, there are many good reasons to install a garbage disposal: They are environmentally friendly, limit waste in landfills, reduce foul odors in homes, protect pipes from damage, and have low operational costs. It is highly recommended to install a garbage disposal in your home!

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