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Grease and Your drains

A clogged kitchen sink can be a real inconvenience. When water does not drain properly, it is hard to do dishes, and this can lead to a foul smell in the house. Under many circumstances, a clog is preventable if a kitchen sink is used correctly. Different accessories can help prevent clogs, but without proper knowledge of what can and cannot go down a drain, accessories are mostly useless.

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After cooking, it is never acceptable to pour cooking grease down a sink drain. Not only will the above substances clog a drain, but they will also require an expensive repair or replacement.

Cooking grease is produced when cooking animals with fats and also when using vegetable oils. Cooking grease is a thick substance that is left behind in a pan after cooking is finished. After cooking, the grease will still have fluid properties, but as it cools it hardens. If the liquid hardened in a pipe, it will create an impasse and a clog.

It is necessary to call a plumber in NYC as soon as you notice slowly draining water in a kitchen sink. When a clog gets worse, problems will begin to reverberate out to different rooms and appliances. Once a pipe is entirely blocked off, water will find other places to flow (like out of toilets).

Instead of draining grease down the pipe, you should do one of two things:

  1. Let it solidify in the refrigerator and then throw away in normal garbage.
  2. If the grease does not harden, you can place the fat inside of a disposable and sealable container and then throw it away in the usual trash.

For any questions about cleaning out a clog, give us a call. We are plumbers in NYC who can clean out any blocked pipe.

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