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Hard Water and Plumbing

New York City is famous for its water. For a city of nine million, it has one of the cleanest sources of water in the world. Most of NYC’s water is considered soft, but sometimes the levels of minerals in the water can fluctuate, causing it to be considered hard. Although hard water can is harmless to human health, it is notorious for causing significant damage to plumbing systems. The two minerals that create hard water are magnesium and calcium. When there is a high concentration of these minerals in water, fixtures, appliances, and pipes get clogged very easily.

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The common drain cleaner cannot dislodge a hard water clog. When hard water runs through a pipe, it leaves a hard discharge, or what is know as a scale, along the surface of the plumbing infrastructure. Different types of plumbing materials are more prone to hard water deposits. It is common to find, PEX, PVC, and other plastic infrastructure in areas that have higher concentrations of hard water. Overtime, even the more resilient materials can experience mineral build up that can reduce flow strength, or even burst the pipe itself. If your home has a massive leak, or has low flow strength, it may be a result of a hard water buildup. It is extremely easy to identify low flow strength. Water will leave the fixture slowly, instead of at a fast speed.

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There are some ways to combat hard water deposits, and the best method is to be proactive rather than reactive. There are some water softeners that can reduce the mineral concentrations of tap water, which ultimately leads to less build up. Problematically, water softeners are expensive, and cannot safeguard pipes forever. By hiring a plumber, to facilitate regular service and maintenance, you can lengthen the life span of your plumbing system. Many plumbers offer estimation services free of charge. They go into a home, assess the damage or status of a pipe, and can give an estimate of how expensive the repair is. A plumbing specialist is also the most well equipped to alleviate a hard water problem. Additionally, a plumber can replace pipes that are prone to build up with newer, and more durable materials, which will lead to drastically lower plumbing costs in the future. Hiring a Plumbers in NYC, before there is a big problem, can lead to a better functioning plumbing system, and a lot of monetary savings.

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