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How bad could a Running Toilet be?

Toilets are only supposed to make noises when being flushed. The process of removing dirty water and refilling fresh water creates sounds that can be heard for several seconds. The noises should be one consistent sound that ends soon after starting. If a toilet continues to make flushing sounds, even way after being used, it is a reliable indicator that your toilet is continually running. This is a problem because the noise is annoying (especially when trying to sleep). This is also a problem because a running toilet can increase a water bill. Experts estimate that an average bill increase is between $70 and $200. Adding those numbers up for a year shows that serious money is waster because of a running toilet. So much money is wasted on what is most likely a quick, clean, and easy fix for a New York City plumber.

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The number one most common cause of a running toilet is a broken flapper. Because of extended use, the flap will break down. The primary purpose of the flapper is to create a seal between the tank and the bowl. If the flapper is broken, the seal cannot be made and then the toilet will run.

If this is not the problem, other culprits could be:

  1. Worn Gaskets
  2. Issues with the flush valve
  3. Float ball problems
  4. Malfunctioning refill tube
  5. Cracks in the frame of toilet

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For more information on stopping your running toilet, reach out for an NYC plumber today!

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