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Is New York City Tap Water Safe to Drink?

New York City is known to have some of the best tap water in the entire country. One of the most important things NYC does to keep its water clean and safe is establish pollution protection strategies. The NYC DEP protects drinking water in watersheds from pollution. This prevention begins in upstate New York long before it reaches NYC. The maintenance of water source allows for NYC to use less filtration on water being brought into homes and businesses.

Plumber NYCThe current push for cleaner watersheds began in 2007, and currently the DEP is implementing a 10-year FAD (filtration avoidance determination). This program is funded by the 65 million dollars NYC allocated for clean water in the city.

The DEP is constantly looking for new ways to improve water at the source. If water needs to be filtered less it will save money and taste better. The DEP has recently acquired a 15 year water supply permit that allows them too gain and protect watershed that are polluted or on the verge of pollution.

Plumber NYC

New York City water is safe to drink, and as a result of filtration and water protection acts, the water tastes great too. A plumber in New York can help make water in the home as clean as possible.

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