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Picking the Appropriate Toilet

Plumbers NYCWhen shopping for a toilet, an individual is faced with many different questions. Thinking through these problems before shopping makes the process simpler and more cost effective. When looking at the boxes and information cards, you might get confused or not know what you need. Different types, shapes, and sizes are available, so not all toilets work in all bathrooms for all people. Considering the amount of usage this product receives, by buying right you will ensure optimal usage. Before running to the store to buy a new unit, consider some of the following questions below. These are just some of the questions you should be able to answer for yourself.

What is the difference between one and two-pieces toilets?

A one-piece toilet is built as one solid piece, where as a two-piece is built with a separate tank and bowl that are later attached. A one-piece works best when you are trying to save space. They are a bit harder to install for an individual, but it is no issue for professional plumbers. For some, it is simply a matter of ascetics, but a two-piece does tend to be sturdier.

Why do toilets come in different shapes?

There are three main bowl shapes: compact elongated, elongated, and round-front bowls. A round bowl, or a plain bowl, is good for compact spaces and for families and businesses that have small children. An elongated bowl provides extra room and comfort for adults.

How long is my rough-in?

When you take out your old toilet, you will see a spot for your toilet's drain to be connected. This is fixed in your floor, so you must make sure that the new toilet you buy has the same rough-in size distance. Buying a toilet with the same size makes instillation much easier. Before shopping for toilets, you should take a tape measure and measure the distance from your wall to the bolt caps of the toilet you currently own.

How do I picking a proper height?

Picking a toilet height is all personal preference. Traditionally, toilets are usually 16 inches or below. Some companies make comfort toilets that go up to 19 inches. Taller people find it easier to sit and get back up when using the comfort toilets, but they can be rather unpleasant for shorter people and children.

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Shop smart and get something great.

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