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Fall Tips for Surviving an NYC Winter

Fall is an excellent time of year. The color of the leaves makes for magnificent scenery, and the mild weather makes it great for being outdoors. It is essential to take time and enjoy this time of year because before we know it, it’ll be February, cold, and snowy. Just as it’s a great idea to get outdoors in the Fall, so is preparing your homes plumbing for cold winter days. Taking the time now, before it gets too cold, helps to ensure that your plumbing has no problems all winter long.

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Too often, we meet people that, for whatever reason, neglect giving their plumbing systems TLC. Instead, they use the systems until they break. From your outside faucets to your toilet and water heater, there are things that you and our team can do together to make sure your system is primed and ready for winter. As much as we wish we didn’t have to say it, winter is coming. To fully prep systems, you will need to reach out for the best plumber NYC has.

Before temperatures drop below freezing, make sure to disconnect and store your garden hose. Also, make sure that all the water has been removed before storing. Water left inside will freeze and expand, which can damage the hose and pipes.

Cover all outdoor faucets with Styrofoam to protect the faucets from freezing. These specialized covers keep the outside cold out of your home. This is a quick and straightforward solution to prevent frozen and burst pipes. Instead of buying the covers, you can wait for a catastrophe and call an emergency plumber in NYC.

Clean out the gutters of your home because the debris blocks water from flowing. When that water freezes, it can and will break your gutters.

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Give us a call today for information on preparing your home plumbing.


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