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Can I Flush Cotton and Wet-Wipes Down My Toilet

A toilet may seem like a convenient way to get rid of small things besides toilet paper, but that is not the case. Even products that claim to be flushable, like wet-wipes, are often not as flushable ass your plumbing system and wallet would like. The rule of thumb should be that just because it can fit down the drain does not mean it belongs there. Below, we want to highlight several items that people flush and should not. Following this list drastically reduces your need for an emergency plumber NYC.

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First and foremost, you should avoid flushing wet-wipes, baby-wipes, or moist-towelettes. You will commonly see TV commercials and packaging that claims these thick wads of paper are flushable, and in truth, they are not lying. The problem is that these pieces of paper do not dissolve and break apart like toilet paper, so they can catch in tight-turning pipes or a small clog that already exists in the system. If you need to use these cleaning products when going to the bathroom, you should wrap them in toilet paper and throw them in the trash. If you make a mistake and your toilet begins to clog, you should not hesitate to reach out for the best plumber NYC has to offer you.

Cotton does not belong in a toilet. It is often all-natural and biodegradable, but that does not mean it should be flushed. Cotton absorbs water, which makes it difficult for them to break down. Eventually, cotton begins to clump together and gets stuck in pipes' bends. When these clogs happen, it is often devastating to plumbing systems.

It seems like kitty litter should be flushable, but it is not. Litter is often made from clay and sand, which damage systems and clog pipes.

Be careful with what you flush to avoid an emergency plumber NYC.

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