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Why Am I Hearing a Foghorn in My Bathroom

Are you hearing strange and unsettling noises coming from your bathroom? Toilets make normal noises, like flushing and filling with water, but when uncommon noises are coming from your toilet, that should cause you to take pause. One of the most unsettling noises a bathroom makes sounds like a foghorn, which is loud and annoying. Several factors could cause this problem, so it is ideal to hire the best plumber NYC offers to identify and fix the noise. Emergency Plumber NYC

  • The most common cause of this sound comes from the ballcock valve in a toilet, which is often referred to as a flapper. With time, the flapper begins to deteriorate and break down. Corrosion causes the ballcock valve to no longer make a tight seal. As water rushes through, it makes a loud foghorn type noise. If this problem is the cause of the noise, it can be rectified by replacing the flapper valve. The best plumber NYC can quickly and inexpensively fix this problem.
  • The noise can also be coming from inside your walls. It can be difficult to determine where the noise is coming from, so by hiring the best plumber in New York, you can get to the bottom of your problem.
  • A foghorn can be heard coming from any faucet in your home. When this is the problem, it does not require major repair. A plumber in NYC knows how to identify and fix this issue. The noise is typically triggered when washers become loose. This is an inevitable problem because consistent use for a long time causes fixtures, screws, and washers to become loose.

Emergency Plumber NYC

As soon as you begin to hear strange noises coming from your bathroom, you should reach out for a plumber in NYC.

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