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Which Plunger is Right for You

When your toilet clogs, you may feel the need to reach out for the best emergency plumber NYC has to offer. In many cases, this is the right call to make because a clogged system can overflow, causing flooding and water damage at your home. A plumber NYC will use a plumbing snake to fully clear the blockage and return your system to normal operations.

Plumber NYC

If your toilet clogs, but it does not seem like it requires an emergency plumber NYC, you can benefit from having and using a plunger. It is important to keep in mind that you have different plunger options, and each type should not be used interchangeably. Getting the right plunger for your toilet, drain, or sink ensures that you can take care of your own clogs (when they are not too bad).

The Three Most Common Plungers Include:

  1. Cup/Sink Plunger- when a person thinks of a plunger, this is typically the design they think of. These plungers can only create a seal on flat surfaces. The cup may lay flush over a drain for them to work, or else it cannot create the vacuum necessary to dislodge the clog.
  2. Accordion Plunger- the whole thing is typically constructed from hard plastic, and it is known to produce the most force when compared to other plungers.
  3. Flange/Toilet Plunger- this plunger has a cup-like flap that sits at the plunger's bottom. It is designed to be best for clearing toilet clogs.

The best plumber NYC has will ensure that your drain clog is completely removed. At the first sign of a drain backing up, you should not hesitate to reach out for help from professionals.

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