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Top Three Tips for Preventing Clogged Sink Drains

There is a lot a homeowner can do to prevent a clogged kitchen sink. It is all too often that we get calls about clogs that were preventable. There are several small and inexpensive things a homeowner can do to protect their kitchen sinks. It would help if you kept in mind that even when being diligent and careful, it is possible for clogs.

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If you experience a clog, many people immediately grab caustic drain cleaners. You should avoid that if you can. Chemical drain cleaners only work on small clogs, and even then, they do not entirely get rid of the debris. The chemicals are known to damage pipes as well as being bad for water sources. If you experience a clog, reach out for the best NYC plumbers around.

What can you do to prevent sink clogs?

Make sure to buy a sink stopper that creates a perfect seal with your drain. Make sure you regularly clean the stopper and always make sure to keep in the drain. The stopper is your first line of defense against debris and dirt getting lodged in pipes.

Avoid putting oil and oily substances down your drain. Bacon grease, oil, and coffee grinds get stuck in pipes and create build up that does not go away on their own. When the problem gets worse, you will need to hire a plumber in NYC.

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Install a garbage disposal. To buy and install this device costs money, but it is the best defense against clogged drains. Those that properly use and maintain disposals typically never see clogged drains.

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