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Plumber NYC, Dealing with Frozen Pipes

When we flush a toilet, we expect the water to flush and be replaced with fresh water. Most people have had at least one experience where this did not happen. In these moments, it is easy to panic, and it makes sense why people do. Reaching out for the best emergency plumber NYC can fix this problem quickly and properly.

Plumber NYC

There are many different reasons why this problem occurs, so by learning about the causes, you can begin to prevent the problem from occurring actively.

Broken or Warped Flapper

A flapper is a circular rubber piece that creates a seal preventing water from filling the tank. When a person flushes, the flapper is raised to allow the water into the bowl. Because of wear and tear, the flapper slowly becomes warped, misshapen, and bent. Once this happens, a seal cannot be created, and a toilet no longer flushes.

Broken Lift Chain

When you push a flusher down, it is supposed to pull on a chain that starts all the toilet's internal mechanisms. The chain can become dislodged, as well as having too much slack. Problems with a chain prevent toilets from flushing.

Clogged Toilet

Flushing a clogged toilet creates a huge mess. Once clogged, there is little a person can do to fully clear pipes. An emergency plumber NYC is highly skilled and trained to clear clogs quickly and effectively.

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