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How do I Stop My Toilet from Making a Gurgling Noise in NYC

Before figuring out how to make your toilet stop gurgling, you should first understand why it is happening and what it means. First, you should never dismiss these sounds as normal. That sound is your system crying out for help. It is a weird rumbling sound that usually happens after a person flushes the toilet. The sounds are also known to occur randomly, so you should make sure you keep an open ear. At the first signs of distress, you should reach out for the best plumber New York hast to offer.

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There are different reasons why the problem can happen, but it all leads back to block lines somewhere in your home. A clog in the system causes negative pressure, so instead of air flowing normally through lines, it pushes back, causing gurgling sounds. Negative pressure also causes water to bubble. The two leading causes of a gurgling toilet include:

  1. The drain or toilet is clogged: This problem can sometimes be solved with a plunger. If you have tried this and it does not work, a professional should come an inspect the system. If it is a toilet clog, a snake or auger can be used to obliterate the clog and clear the line. Plumbers NYC can rectify this problem.
  2. The vent stack is blocked: A vent stack is usually on the roof of a home, and it is used to regulate plumbing air pressure, and it is also used as an exhaust. If this gets blocked, you will notice gurgling, and smelly, sewer odors. You should call a professional and avoid going on your roof.

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