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Why is My Sink Leaking?

When your sink is leaking, it is difficult to pinpoint why the leak is happening initially. Reaching out for the best plumber NYC has to offer can drastically reduce the time and money spent fixing the problem.

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The most common causes of sink leaking include:

Your drain could be the culprit behind your leaking sink. Drains should be sealed using plumber’s putty because it prevents further leaks. In time, the putty can dry out, so you might suffer from an occasional leak that comes from a drain that is worn out and beyond repair. When a drain is in this condition, you should consider replacing your drain entirely. Reach out for a plumber New York today!

When a leak originates from a faucet, it is typically easy to spot. Do you notice a pool of water in your sink or tub well after the water has been shut off? You also can look under your sink because the faucet can leak under the sink. Failed washers are the most common cause of this problem, and that can be replaced. In extreme situations, the faucet must be replaced.

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A damaged O-ring can also cause sinks to leak. Stem screws are used to hold a faucet in place. It comes with a small disc that is affixed to it (an O-ring). With normal wear-and-tear, the O-ring will loosen up and cause faucets to leak near the handle. This problem is rectified by using a replacement O-ring.

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