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Snow can hurt your Plumbing

NYC winters can bring a substantial amount of snow. The snow, when first falling, can have a calming effect as it blankets everything in white. The pure, untouched snow usually leads to problems in the city and surround boroughs, such as dangerous walking conditions, dangerous driving conditions, and difficulties getting in and out of the home. These problems are experienced by most New Yorkers, but these are just a few of the problems snow creates.

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Heavy snow can mess with and ruin plumbing pipes. The snow can create leaks and potentially shut down hot water. Frozen pipes pose a serious threat to the safety of a homeowners' plumbing. The battle to keep pipes safe starts inside the home, but the fixes extend outside the structure.

Any pipes that are outside and exposed must be kept be clear of snow. This requires a homeowner to know where pipes are and to have a game plan of keeping the pipes clear. When it snows, an individual should make it a point to shovel out pipes as well as walkways, driveways, and sidewalks. Diligence in keeping these pipes cleared will help to ensure your pipes do not freeze.

For those who have garages or sheds with plumbing, it is important to keep those pipe warm as well. Make sure that there are no leaks in the roof, so that water doesn't turn to ice on the outside of your pipes. If your pipes are close to walls without insulation, you will want to keep those walls clear of snow as well.

Pipes that are safely secured inside a warm home are less susceptible to freezing, but they are still at risk. These pipes should still be insulated, and professional plumbers in NYC should insulate them. Only NYC plumbers can guarantee that pipes will be insulated correctly. Improper insulating can actually lead to more problems than pipes that are not insulated.

When winter approaches in NYC, individuals need to take precautions to make sure that the weather doesn't impede normal living. Experiencing a shut down of hot water in the dead of winter is terrible, but it is an experience that is easily avoidable if the proper precautions are made.

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Make sure that you plan ahead for the cold and snow of a New York winter. For more information, reach out to a local plumber in NYC.

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