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Spring Plumbing Tips

As winter is ending, many homeowners will start “spring cleaning.” As you begin to clean out the home, don’t forget your plumbing fixtures. There are some easy steps that homeowners can take to prevent damage from occurring to their home’s pipe and drainage systems.

Thoroughly check all pipes and faucets in the home for any leaks or other damage. Any problems should be fixed immediately to prevent wasting water or additional damage from popping up. Ensure that water is flowing freely from all faucets and hose bibs.

Be sure to check the toilets in the home for any signs of damage. There is a simple test a homeowner can perform to check if their toilet is leaking. Pour six drops of food coloring into the tank. If color appears in the bowl within 30 minutes, then you have a leak.

Plumbers NYCAdditionally, make sure the toilet is flushing properly as this can waste water and energy. If the handle needs to be held down to flush or the handle needs jiggling to stop water from running, then replace tank parts.

With winter ending, your water heater will not need to do as much work. Set the temperature no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Draining the water heater will flush out corrosion causing sediment. If your water heater is more than fifteen years old, consider replacing it.

Plumbers NYC

If you noticed any issues with your plumbing system, contact a plumber in NYC for repairing. A plumber will fix any issues and help to prevent future problems from popping up.

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