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The Two Main Causes of Smelly Sinks

Have you ever walked into your kitchen only to catch a whiff of some pungent and terrible smelling air? Most people will immediately blame their garage, so they bring it out in hopes of a quick fix. For many, taking out the trash does not fix the problem. Another cause for foul smells emanating from the kitchen is the kitchen sink. Yes, a sink full of dirty dishes and rotten food will smell, but so can a sink that seemingly looks clean and empty.

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The two main reasons why a kitchen sink might smell are:

  1. A leak in the sewer gas line that lets gas escape through the sink’s drain
  2. Garbage and food debris that gets caught in the garbage disposal or drain trap

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Both issues have their specific fixes. Food or garbage can usually be cleaned with home cleaning solutions or bio-enzyme drain cleaners, but this does not always work. If gas causes the problem, this requires a fix from professional plumbers. NYC plumbers are the best people to call for cleaning the air in your kitchen. Our team of New York City plumbers can help to identify and fix plumbing smells in your home.

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