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The winter and your Plumbing

All homeowners, in cold climate regions, should be well versed on how to keep their plumbing systems functional during the difficult months of winter. As winter approaches, areas with more temperate climates have to make adjustments during winter, in order to keep their pipes from bursting. New York City has experienced much colder winters in recent years, which has exposed many susceptible plumbing citizens to harm. In NYC, frozen water and busted pipes are extremely difficult—and expensive—fixes, so it is crucial to mitigate their occurrences.

To become a wiser homeowner, it is vital to understand how, and why, pipes burst in the winter. This knowledge will subsequently lead to more successful plumbing maintenance. The science of a pipe bursting isn’t congruent with conventional thought. One would assume that pipes burst because of the physical tendency for to water expand when it freezes. What actually causes the rupture is ice that grows along the length of the pipe as it freezes; which creates elevated water pressure when the faucet is in the off position. That additional pressure forces the pipe to burst. If the pressure can be alleviated downstream of the primary blockage of ice, the ice blockage can expand, and then melt, without rupturing material in the plumbing system.

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To prevent bursts from occurring, pipes should be thoroughly insulated, and positioned in an area that is shielded from the cold. Different materials should be used in relation to the type of apartment, and it’s median, inside temperature during the winter. In addition to proper insulation, there are strategic, preventative measures that each homeowner can effect, in order to limit damage. As mentioned before, pipes closer to outside elements, are more subject to freezing. To keep those pipes warm, it is a good idea to consistently run warm water through the system. This will insulate the pipes, and melt and small ice blockages.

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If a pipe does burst, it is always wise to contact plumbers in NYC for repairs. A plumber in NYC is efficient at relieving winter-based plumbing issues and can help to rectify a serious situation, with relative ease. Plumbers in NYC can also give out some helpful hints and tips as to how to keep your systems safe during the colder months. For more information, make sure to contact a plumber in with any questions that you have.

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