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Things You Shouldn't Flush

Plumbing problems come in big and small packages. Most plumbing problems are an inevitability of using indoor plumbing, and this is as a result of ware and tear on your systems. There are things you can do for your plumbing systems to ensure that they run smoothly for a long as possible. One of the most common issues people face with plumbing is the clogging or backing up of toilets. There are a lot of things that people should know about toilet plumbing, which will allow them to maintain a cleaner system. There are many things a household can do to ensure a nicely running toilet. If you employ these tactics then you will not have to call a plumber.

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There are things that should never be flushed down a toilet. This may seem like common sense to some, but it is not to all. There are a lot of things that shouldn't be flushed down a toilet, and this is because not all paper dissolves well in water. Some people will flush tissues, paper towels, makeup napkins, dinner napkins, facial tissues, and wet-wipes down a toilet. Most of the time the toilet will flush those materials, but the problem isn't with the initial flush. There is something under your toilet call a U-bend. This sort of pipe is designed to keep sewer smell out of your bathroom and home. It is very easy for things to get trapped in the U-bend, and the things you shouldn't flush have a tendency to get stuck there. After sometime you can be dealing with a serious situation. Once the clog gets bad, it'll be too late for a plunger or drain cleaner.

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There are even some products that are sold with the word flushable on it. This does not always means that product is flushable, and so before you start flushing you should do a little test. In order to do this test you must fill two separate bowls with water. This can be mixing or metal bowls. Put toilet paper in the first bowl, and put the other "flushable" item in the other bowl. Swish the water around gently for thirty seconds and then let the bowls sit for several hours. Once you get back, you will be able to see how the toilet paper dissolved. If the paper in the other bowl looks like the first bowl then you know it's a flushable product. If not, don't flush it.

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