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Thinking About Potential Plumbing Emergencies in NYC: When to Fix Your Water Heater

Before you call emergency plumbers in NYC stop and think. For most people, the health of their plumbing and HVAC is an afterthought: if they are even thinking about it all. There are things in daily life that people get accustomed too, such as lights turning on/off when the switch is flicked, showers being hot, and basements being dry. At the moments when these things break, or seize to stop working momentarily, people usually do not know what to do. Imagine waking up on Monday morning for your pre-work shower only to find that the water is freezing. What would you do? At this point most people would look for the first emergency plumbers in NYC. It is important to think about your HVAC and plumbing prior to an emergency hitting, so that you are better equipped to whether the storm.

Emergency Plumber NYC

One of the most common causes of problems in someone’s home is their hot water heater. Most people expect this machine to work, and as such they do not look into its well-being. Knowing about your unit will allow you to make a better choice when your system stops working.

First, how old is your system? Is it two years old, or is it 10+ years old? There is a big distinction between old and new machines. New machines run at much higher efficiencies. Some new models are up to 20% more efficient. This could translate to $500+ in annual savings for a house.

If you have a newer system, and you will be keeping it, then next step is to try and identify the problem. This could potentially be difficult if you don't know the different parts of your system. Considering there isn't much going on in a hot water heater that makes it work, there are only a few problems that can slow your system down.

  • The pilot light goes out
  • The element that heats fails
  • Valve gets stuck
  • Issues with circuit breaker

Emergency Plumber NYC

Great emergency plumbers in NYC should be able to handle any of these problems relatively inexpensively. Save yourself money by making an informed decision about your water heater. Too often people rush into quick decisions that end up hurting them in the long run. People panic and run out to buy a new heater when they really don't need to do that.

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