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Understanding Water Meters

If you have a water meter that is continually breaking, there may be a bigger underlying issue that is causing the breakages. Those who deal with this problem also usually deal with high water bills. The two problems can have a direct correlation. Normally, that connection is a booster pump that pumps higher than 80 psi. Although this is not always the case, it is rather common. There is a way to check and see if the booster pump causes water meter problems. A booster pump will cause problems only when the valve is connected to the city-side of the meter. In order for a pump to work correctly, it must be connected securely to the house-side of the meter. This secure connection will help to prevent any backpressure created by the pump.

Plumbers NYC

Plumbers NYCHiring a plumber in New York to fix this problem will help to save you money. You will no longer have to replace water meters, and your monthly water bills should go down significantly. If it turns out that the booster pump is not the problem, a plumber is your best bet for proper diagnosis. Take control of your plumbing and your water bill with the help of a plumber in New York.

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