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Why do I hear Loud Knocking from my Pipes?

There are a lot of noises that a home makes that individuals simply have to get used too. Whether floorboards creak or the house is settling, there is sometimes very little you can do to lessen the noise. Certain noises in the house are preventable and fixable, and so as a home owner/renter you should take care of the problems.

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An annoying, fixable noise is banging and clanging pipes. It is not uncommon for people to be woken up in the middle of the night as a result of these loud noises. The knocking noise that you are hearing throughout your home is coming from your plumbing pipes. When pipes have variable water pressure, it makes water move quickly and violently. As this water travels through pipes, it bangs on the pipes, and this is why the sound can be heard throughout the house.

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The problem is easily fixable by any plumber in NYC, and it is best to trust a plumber rather than yourself. The job requires shutting of water mains, and so extra care must be taken when dealing this problem. Fix the noises that can be fixed. Call a plumber today.

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