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Why does my Toilet Continually Run?

The mechanics of a toilet work with the help of gravity. Water in the back tank rushes down into the bowl when the rubber flapper is opened with the flusher (lever). Plumber New YorkAfter the tank is emptied, water slowly fills in the tank. The float (balloon like object) rises with the water level until the desired amount of water is in the tank. Once this process is done, a toilet should stop making noises (especially the sound of running water). If a bathroom is making abnormal noises, it is most likely the result of a small to large plumbing issue. Identifying the noise and calling plumbers in New York are the two steps needed for ensuring that plumbing is up to par.

The most common toilet issue is a fault chain. There is a chain that goes from a rubber stopper to the lever. Sometime a chain can get tangled or caught, and as a result the rubber stopper will not be able to sit flush against the tank. This will lead to water being continually added to your tank. It will sound like your toilet is running.

Considering the consistent use of the stopper in the tank, after time it is bound to break down. This will lead to the same running water that is described above.

These two common problems are by no means the full list of toilet problems that must be addressed. The constant running of water can waste more than a gallon of water a day, and over time this can add up to serious cash.

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Call out for plumbers in NYC to help when your toilet breaks down.

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  • Why does my Toilet Continually Run?

    Identifying the noise and calling plumbers in NYC are the two steps needed for ensuring that plumbing is up to par. Call out for plumbers in NYC to help when your toilet breaks down.

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