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Why Does My Toilet Smell Bad?

No one likes opening their front door to be greeted by foul odors. People keep their homes clean, take out the garbage, and light candles to keep their home smelling fresh and amazing. It is hard for that to happen when smells are escaping from your bathroom. There defects that occur in toilets that allow for the smell of sewage to seep out.

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It is essential to keep in mind that many of the bathroom smells we experience are difficult to track down. There are many reasons why sewer gas might be escaping into your home and filling it with a terrible stench. The best emergency plumbing NYC can stop sewer gas smells from escaping your toilet.

If the wax seal on a toilet wears out or breaks, smells can escape. Wax seals are located at the base of the toilet, and they are needed to push out sewer odors with each flush. Not only will the smells escape, but so will water that can damage your home. If you do not smell anything bad, but your toilet rocks when you sit on it, it is an indication that wax seals are beginning to wear out.

Blockages cause problems for flushing and overflowing of toilet bowls, but there are more problems associated with blockages than that. Each time a person flushes the toilet, they will smell the odors created from the obstruction. Over time, the smell will get worse and worse.

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Our talented team of plumbers in NYC can access your smell problems and address them accordingly. There is no amount of spray or candles that can cover up sewer gas smells coming from your bathroom.

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