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Why is My Shower Drain Clogged?

plumber NYCWhat do you do when you cannot take a shower or bath? In these unfortunate situations, it is common for a person to panic. Stay calm and know that this is a relatively easy fix for a plumber in NYC. You want to avoid trying quick, D.I.Y remedies because home fixes can lead to more issues in many cases. For example, chemical drain cleaners do not fully clean clogs, and the chemicals can damage pipes as they pass through your system. Jamming a hanger down your drain often compacts the clog, which makes the clog even worse.

Before fixing a problem, you need to know exactly what is causing the issue. There are three main reasons why a bathtub or shower stops draining, which include:

  1. A clog in the drain – even with a drain cover, soap and hair manage to make their way down drains. When they come in a drain, they solidify, creating a clog. Those without drain covers must be careful to prevent anything but water from going down the drain.
  2. An issue further down the line – if traditional methods of clearing the drain do not work, you may be dealing with a problem that involves broken and leaking pipes.
  3. Issues with the built-in stopper – bathtubs have stoppers that allow the tub to fill up with water. With usage and time, these devices rust and break. Once the stopper becomes damaged, you can notice water backup.

If you are experiencing a backup of water in your shower or tub, you should not hesitate to reach out for the best plumber NYC has to offer you.

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