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Why You Should Consider Getting The Proper Plunger for your Home in NYC

Maintaining drains the run smoothly is important for proper plumbing in one's home or office. Slow or clogged drains can lead to issues in the kitchen, bathroom, and other places drains might be. The best way to keep your drains clear is to try your best to monitor what does and does not go down your drain. For the kitchen, you will watch the food in the sink. In a bathroom you will watch for hair and small pieces of plastic. Even when an individual does all they can, there are still possibilities of drains clogging. When they do clog, you have a few options for how to fix it. First, you can get drain cleaners and hope they work. Depending on the clog and how severe it is, drain cleaners may or may not work. Another option is calling a plumber, but that can be a rather expensive option. Your third, and arguably best option for cleaning drains quickly is a plunger. Having the proper plunger and knowing how to use it can really help you in a pinch. Let plumbers in NYC be your last option.
Before running to the store to pick up the first plunger you see, please read about different types of plungers below:

The most common plunger on the market, one you've probably used at one point in your life, is the standard sink plunger. Normally, when people start talking about plungers, this is the mental image they conjure. The plunger has a pinkish/red cup at the bottom of a wooden stick. Although this is the typical image of a plunger, this item really only works on flat surfaces. This means that it works best in sinks and bathtubs- it doesn't work well in toilets because of the rounded bottom.

If you need a plunger for a toilet then make sure you get a toilet specific plunger. It doesn't look too dissimilar from the sink plunger, but with this model the bottom cup is modified to allow the plunger to create a better seal in toilets. Using the right plunger makes the job so much easier.

An accordion plunger also works great in toilets. It utilizes a technology that allows for more pressure to be built up inside the cup of the plunger. This is a heavy-duty plunger, and as a result usually costs more the toilet plungers.

Keeping the right plunger handy can help you in a pinch, so that you don't have to call out for emergency plumbing. If the plunger is not working, then your next step is to call a professional plumber in a city near you.

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