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Is Brown Water in My Toilet a Problem?

The water in a toilet bowl should be clean, not brown. If you notice discolored, brownish-orange water when you flush, your plumbing system suffers from a problem that needs to be addressed. Brown or orange toilet water is not normal, but it is not toxic or causes much alarm. A plumber in New York City has the tools and know-how to rectify the situation and restore clean water to your toilet. 

There are several reasons why this problem occurs, but you should address the situation regardless of what is causing the disco oration. Before reaching out for the best plumber NYC has to offer, you should flush the toilet several times to ensure there is no residual waste in the toilet. If this does not work, you will need to reach out for professional help. 

Too much iron in water causes toilet water to take on a reddish, brown hue that looks unpleasant. Iron in water can cause clothing to come out stained after a wash, and they can even have a swamp-like smell. The leading cause of iron in water is a result of old and rusted iron pipes. Most homes built before the 1960s use these types of lines. If only one toilet has brown water, the problem is most likely an issue with piping. You do not need to reach out to an emergency plumber in NYC at this point, but reaching out to a professional sooner than later is in a homeowner's best interest.

Typically, changing some of the old pipes clears up water instantly. If the problem occurs only in a single toilet, you only need to change pipes to that toilet. Although brown water isn't toxic, it is a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible.

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