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Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing

Despite the fact that they don't look a like, there a many similarities between a kitchen and bathroom (especially in terms of plumbing). Below we will be going over some of the most common issues in plumbing and how to fix them. Some of the problems are for both bathrooms and kitchens, where as some are specific to one room. The advice for fixing is designed for people who have little to no knowledge of plumbing. We do feel it is necessary to give a disclaimer. Be careful working with your pipes and plumbing. If you don't know what you are doing, and you do not feel confident in the work you are doing, then hire a professional plumber. If you don't, you could be potentially making things much worse, and you'd be forced to call out for an emergency plumber in NYC, New York.

Plumbers NYCOne of the most common phone calls we get is regarding low water pressure. This can be for both sinks and showerheads. Not having the correct water pressure can make washing dishes difficult. Most modern indoor faucets have something called a faucet aerator. This is something that screws onto the end of the faucet so that water doesn't splash when flowing. Faucet aerators can easily be screwed and unscrewed. They also can build up with dirt and calcium. The more these things build up the worse your water flow will be. The same applies for your showerhead. Try unscrewing your faucet aerators and giving them a good cleaning. Soak them in vinegar and scrub them.

Plumbers NYC

What do you do if you toilet won't stop running? This is a rather common problem in NYC, so do not think you are alone. There are roughly three things that can cause your toilet to run: toilet fill valve, toilet flapper, and flush valve. The only way to get the problem is to figure out what is causing the problem. If water is going into the overflow tube then you need to replace the fill valve. Next, check the length of the flush chain (flapper chain). A simple adjustment can fix the problem, because you don't want the chain to short or long. If the flapper isn't the issue then you are left with fixing the flush valve. Guessing about a problem and the way to fix it will only cause you to call out for an emergency plumber in NYC.

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