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Posted on: 2011-4-15

Type of work: leaking pipe

Date of service:  2011-4-12

We had to shut the main in our home because we could not stop the leak that was behind or bathroom. AABC Plumbing. We called at 11PM. He came at 11:30 PM and stayed until the job was fixed. A pipe had sprung a leak and he was immediately able to find the bad joint and repair it. This was important to us because we have a new born and we did not want to go without water when he woke up. Thank you for fixing our Pipes and for giving us such good service I recommend this company.

Posted on: 2011-8-14

Type of work: Question on Violations removed

Date of service:  2011-7

Plumbers in NYC - I want to get my kitchen redone. When I went for the permits I was told I have a violation in my plumbing. Do you clear violations?   

Yes we clear all types of violations. When it comes to clearing violations get the job done right. It can be a big hassle to have the city come down a second or third time to remove a violation

plumber nyc
Posted on: 2011-11-14

Type of work: Quick plumber

Date of service: 2011-11-12

Thank You for your quick response. My shower in the basement was overflowing with sewerage. I need a plumber to come over at once. You guys were in my home in 23 minutes. I was counting. Just as the water was starting to overflow.I cannot thank you enough for getting the job done so quickly and professionally. You really saved the day.

Posted on: 2012-1-25

Type of work: added outside hose

Date of service: 2012-1-24

Spring had sprung and we always wanted an additional spiket for our back yard garden hose. We called three plumbers for estimates AABC Plumbing came back with the fasted estimate and a very fair price. They showed up exactly when they said they would and played no games with extras. They will get the call from us for all our plumbing needs

Posted on: 2012-2-14

Type of work: Beware of fraud in plumbing

Date of service: 2012-2-14

We had a stuffed up toilet. We called Roto Rooter. They quoted us a price on the phone . When they came to do the work the price doubled. We called AABC Plumbing and the price they quoted was the price they did the job for. They had to go in 3 times to get the clog but never asked for more money. They are gentleman and deserve your business and confidence.

Posted on: 2012-2-25

Type of work: stop the leak

Date of service: 2012-2-25

Our kitchen sink had a drip we couldn't stop.Hot water constantly being wasted. We called around for an estimate on 2 gave us estimates. AABC Plumbing was one. They also promised fast service. They did not lie. They were to our apt in less than 1 hour. The drip was fixed for the cost the quoted plus the additional parts we needed. Very professional plumbers

emergency plumber nyc
Posted on: 2012-3-15

Type of work: stop the bad smell

Date of service: 2012-3-15

There was a g-d awful smell coming from the trap in our basement, We called a few plumbers most did not have an answer. They kept telling us the sewer is backing up. It wasn't. We called AABC Plumbing and he knew immediately what the problem was. He had a plumber to our house that evening and fixed the problem. These guys are masters at figuring your problem and getting the job done. Thank You!!!!!

Posted on: 2012-3-16

Type of work: St Pats Nightmare

Date of service: 2012-3-15

We were getting the house ready for st pats. There was a party going on and someone sat on the sink in the bathroom. It broke off its stand cracked into pieces and the pipes burst. Water everywhere. We called looking for an emergency plumber. Most plumbers had answering machines. AABC Plumbing had someone picking up the phone. We told them of the emergency and instead of a 4 hour wait the sent someone to our home within 1 hour. We got all the parts and they installed a new sink while the party was going on. They gave us a very fair price and did quality work. More important they really cared about the customer. I recommend these folk very highly.

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