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What are the Reasons My Toilet Won’t Stop Running?

The sound of running water is often seen as a relaxing thing. Many individuals put on white noise machines that simulate the sound of running water when they need to relax or go to bed. Although running water can be a magical and calming sound, it is a constant reminder of wasted water and money in certain cases. Each home is different, so it is impossible to pinpoint an exact number, but most studies suggest that running toilets (alone) cause upwards of thousands of gallons of wasted water every month. An individual could potentially see an increase in monthly water bills of up to $200.00. Why should you or anyone pay that unnecessary monthly fee?

All toilets are supposed to make some noises, including the sound of running water. When a toilet is flushed, water in the tank rushes into the bowl, and while that is happening, the tank is filling back up with water. After roughly 30 seconds to a minute, the sound of running water should stop. Anything after that indicates that you are wasting water and throwing away money. It would help if you acted quickly in a situation like this because the longer the problem remains, the worse it gets. In the same respect, the problem often becomes more difficult to repair, which drives up costs. Hiring the best plumber NYC has to offer is the best way to gain control of your water supply.

There are three common reasons why toilets run. If you are uncertain how to make the changes/fixes, it is best to call a professional. It is too common to see D.I.Y jobs turn into emergency plumbing NYC.

The three issues are:

  1. You need to shorten the refill line/tube
  2. You need to replace the broken flappers
  3. You need to adjust or replace the float

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