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Avoiding Problems while on Vacation

As summer comes into full swing, people start to think about vacations. Whether for a week or just a long weekend, no one would leave their homes without preparing it. This means locking windows and doors, turning off AC units, and even cleaning dirty dishes to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. These preparations are important, but there are other considerations that are equally as important.

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If you live in a newer house, the likelihood of leaks are minimal, although possible. A home that has older pipes is more prone to cracks and breaks that lead to leaking water. If you are not home to spot the first signs of water trouble, the problem can grow to devastating proportions. Regardless of the status of pipes and length of vacation, you should turn off your homes main shutoff valve, which is normally located next to water meters. Shutting this valve will ensure that no water flows through your pipes while you are away. This simple preparation will help you to avoid hiring a plumber in NYC.

Not only will this preparation prevent floods, it will lower your water bill for the time you are gone. Considering you are using absolutely zero water while the valve is shut, you will not be charged for water. You will be charge as soon as you get home and turn water back on.

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Make sure you don't come home to a terrible flood in your house.

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