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Knocking Pipes in the Home

It is typical for plumbing systems and devices to make noise, but it not reasonable for those noises to wake you up at night and scare you half to death. If your pipes are knocking and banging throughout the night, you can get that to stop. You do not have to get accustomed to the loud and obnoxious noises. Plumbing systems are not supposed to make these noises, and with the help of a plumber in NYC, it is possible to quiet down your system. There are two main reasons why a plumbing system will make these loud noises, and both reasons stem from issues with air pressure in the pipes.

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Water cannot move throughout your home without pressurized air. Knocking is caused by variable pressure in the main supply pipes, and this happens when there are leaks in the system and when the air is depleted. A New York City plumber will clear the system to see if the problem is small. If noises persist after clearing the system, there is most likely a leak somewhere in your system that must be identified and patched.

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