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Main Reasons Toilets Begin to Smell

There are certain times where it is reasonable to have smells coming from a bathroom, but it is not normal for odors to linger always. If you flush your toilet, with nothing in it besides clean water, and you smell something foul, you should not hesitate to reach out for the best plumber NYC has.

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There are several reasons why a bathroom might smell, but there are three common reasons. These three include:

A toilet that is not frequently used can cause issues with smell. Water in a toilet evaporates after enough time, and without any water, sewer gases can escape from the toilet bowl. Water, besides being used to transport waste, also creates a barrier between sewer gases and your home. If you cannot find water, there is no barrier to protect from smells.

Particularly bad blockages are known to prevent water from filling the bowl or tank, and so a person will experience smells every time the toilet is flushed. An NYC plumber will inspect pipes to remove all blockages.

Wax seals on toilets and other bathroom fixtures and appliances are meant to create an airtight seal. As wax seals break and deteriorate, odors begin to escape through the spaces created by old and worn wax seals. If you sit on a toilet and it rocks or wobbles, you most likely have broken seals that need to be replaced. The best plumber NYC can fix that problem quickly.

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Do not live with bathroom smells. Fix the problem and breathe in the clean and fresh air.

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