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How to Take Care of Your Toilet

Plumber NYCMost individuals take for granted that their toilet works appropriately when they flush. It is only when problems occur that a person begins to care about the wellbeing of their toilet. Heavy usage and moving parts mean that in time a toilet will break or show signs of distress. Everyday toilet problems include:

  • Whistling tank during the filling process
  • Low water levels in bowl
  • Phantom flushes
  • Partial flushes
  • Weak flusher
  • Slow tank filling

Knowing about the above issues, and keeping a vigilant eye open for them, is an essential step for maintaining adequate toilet health. Beyond waiting for a problem, there are certain things all homeowners and renters should do to practice proper toilet maintenance.

Be careful what you flush: Some toilets are heavy-duty meaning that they can suck down what is put in the bowl, but that does not mean you should have a flush everything policy. Only flush toilet tissue and human waste. When shopping, you will see flushable wet-wipes, but even those should not be flushed.

Unclog small clogs before they get worse: If you notice a slowly draining or filling bowl, we recommend you reach out for plumbers in NYC. Fixing the clog when it is small will require a quick and inexpensive fix. A minor clog will not go away on its own. Instead, it will get worse to the point you cannot use the toilet.

Keep an eye and ear out for small problems: Identifying and fixing small issues is much easier and cheaper than fixing big problems. Knowing the common cause of problems and what to look for will ensure you get help from plumbers when you need it.

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