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Why is My Toilet Hissing?

Toilets are known to be noisy, but there are appropriate noises and bad ones. If you hear a hissing noise coming from your bathroom, you should consider reaching out for the best plumber NYC has.

Two problems cause toilets to hiss.

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  1. Debris has gotten lodged inside the fill valve: If you open the top of a toilet’s tank, you will notice the fill valve sitting on the left side of the tank. The valve is linked to the water supply that is responsible for filling the tank and bowl. When in working condition, the valve should shut off soon after water in the tank hits a certain level. Sediments or debris from water can get caught in the opening, which prevents the valve from shutting. The opening will cause water to leak, which makes the hissing noise you hear.
  2. The float is damaged: A valve knows when to turn on and off depending on the position of the tank’s float. When a toilet is flushed, water moves from the tank to the bowl. At this time the float goes down because there is no water. As the tank begins to fill, the float will rise. Problems with the float that prevent it from rising will create small gaps in the fill valve, which ultimately is the source for hissing.

If you hear hissing, let our team of plumbers in New York get rid of the sounds.

Our team quickly addresses both issues. Do not hesitate to fix problems because they usually do not go away on their own.

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