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Prepping Plumbing Systems for Spring

Spring cleaning is a time when homeowners like to organize their homes and clean areas that generally go untouched. When going through spring cleaning chores, consider plumbing needs as well. Spring is an excellent time to prep your plumbing systems. It’s also an excellent time to call in a professional plumber NYC to inspect your pipes.

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Here are the best ways to prep your systems for springtime:

  1. Turn your water valves - Over time, valves become more challenging to turn. It’s a good idea to turn them annually to make it easier.
  2. Check up on the water heater -Your water heater works overtime during the winter. You usually take hotter showers, and often homeowners turn up the temperature. When turning down the temperature on your heater, check the unit for corrosion. Also, ensure there are no leaks and drain sediment buildup from the bottom of the heater.
  3. Clean the gutters - During the fall and winter, debris builds up in the gutters of your home. Between leaves, twigs, and dirt, the gutters get dirty, leading up to spring. Cleaning them out avoids leaks and water damage from occurring.
  4. Check for outdoor leaks - Check your outdoor faucets and sprinklers to ensure there are no leaks.
  5. Check for toilet leaks - Spring is an excellent time to check your toilets for leaks as well. You do this by running a simple test. Put food dye in the tank and wait. If the water in the toilet turns the color of the dye, you’re most likely facing a leak.

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Doing the above annually helps you to avoid issues from popping up. Avoid calling an emergency plumber NY, and prep your home now.