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What Do I Do When My Toilet Overflows?

emergency plumber NYC

Few things will make your heart drop quicker than seeing the water in your toilet slowly start to rise higher. An overflowing toilet is a nightmare for any homeowner. It’s a mess to clean up, and you’re left wondering why it happened and how to stop it. 

Emergency Plumber NYC

Before you even begin to fix the issue and call in a professional, there are two things to do when the water in your toilet overflows: 

  1. Shut off the water supply. When you shut off the water supply, you prevent things from getting worse. The shut-off valve is normally located at the base of the toilet. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the location before an emergency occurs, as it’s difficult to think clearly when under pressure. 
  2. Do not continue to flush. Sometimes when water begins to overflow, we panic and try to flush the toilet repeatedly. We do this thinking it will help to get the water down. However, this tactic tends to make matters worse. 

There are two main causes for an overflowing toilet. One of the most common reasons is a clogged pipe. A clogged pipe may occur due to too much waste or flushing items down the drain that do not belong. Only toilet tissue should be thrown in the toilet. Another more serious cause for an overflow in the toilet is a backed-up septic tank. 

No matter the reason for your overflowing toilet, you’ll want to call in the help of a professional right away. We provide the best emergency plumber NYC has to offer. We’ll fix the issue causing the overflow and prevent it from happening again. 

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