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Like many hidden aspects of New York City, plumbing systems are often considered out of mind out of sight. If there is no visible problem, people often leave their system alone. Pipes that carry water and sewage are stowed away, behind walls and floorboards, and people commonly forget that they even exist. When a huge problem arises it is often a result of lack of care and attention. By giving your plumbing regular maintenance, you can prolong the longevity of your plumbing system, and avoid expensive repairs. There are many different maintenance techniques to keep your system healthy and operational.

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If you have a clog in a pipe, it is never a good idea to use a chemical solution. Although they appear to be a quick fix, drain cleaners can cause more harm than the actual clog itself. Chemicals have the ability to erode metal drainpipes and do not remove the entire clog. The best method is to hire a plumber in NYC that can snake the drain and completely get rid of the clog. This typically costs $100 dollars, which is dramatically less expensive than replacing an entire pipe.

Another way to provide regular maintenance is to prevent future clogs from happening. Overtime clogs will happen, but there are many methods to make sure that these events happen less frequently. Backed up water pressure from clogs puts stress on the entire system, and can shorten the life of a normal pipe. An average apartment owner in NYC can protect their pipes by staying vigilant, and screening what goes down your drains. Food scraps, kitchens waste, and hair are notorious for clogging drains and sinks. As for toilets, always make sure that nothing is flushed that isn’t approved toilet paper or waste. In showers, it is always a good idea to keep hair out of the trap or drain. The best way to do this is to install small screens over the drains in a shower or tub. By doing so, you can simply wipe away the hair caught by the screen and throw it in the trash. The last thing to remember is to never pour grease down any drain. Grease is only in liquid form when hot, and congeals when it cools.

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If you are experiencing any issues with a plumbing system, or just want to simply run a diagnosis, it is always wise to contact a reputable plumber in NYC.

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