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Reasons to Avoid Drain Cleaners

For many homeowners facing a clogged drain, the default reaction is to reach for a drain cleaner. While they may seem like an easy solution, that is rarely the case. More often than not, they wind up causing more damage. When you are facing a clogged drain, call the best plumber New York City has. Don’t reach for the drain cleaner. 

The harsh chemicals in a typical drain cleaner cause many damages. Below are the top reasons to avoid drain cleaners and call a New York plumber instead. 

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They do not always work. Your average drain cleaner will not work on a stubborn clog. The longer a clog is let to sit, the greater your chances of needing an emergency plumber in NYC.

The dangerous fumes. Only use drain cleaners in well-ventilated areas as they can burn eyes and mucous membranes. If you do use the chemical cleaners, ensure that pets and children are not home. They are more likely to experience adverse reactions to the toxic fumes. 

Damage to pipes and septic systems. Like we mentioned earlier, sometimes using drain cleaners will cause more damage to your plumbing system. The heat generated from chemical cleaners softens PVC piping and corrodes older metal piping. Additionally, drain cleaners damage septic systems by killing the bacteria the systems rely on to break down waste. 

Plumber NYC

If you’re facing a clogged drain, call the a plumber in NYC. Our professionals will fix the problem correctly the first time without harsh chemicals.


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