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Emergency Plumber NYC

Quickly Patch Pipes While Waiting for Plumbers

Plumbing issues are inevitable when you’re a homeowner. There will come a time when your plumbing fixtures have problems that need to be addressed immediately. Because of this, we suggest all homeowners have an emergency plumber NYC number on hand for these exact situations.

Emergency Plumber NYC

If you notice a leaky pipe, this is not an issue you can sit on and wait. Allowing water to continue to flow from your pipes leads to costly water damage. You’ll want to stop the flow of water immediately while you wait for a plumber to arrive.

  1. Stop water from flowing - The first thing to do is stop water from flowing from your pipes. Each pipe should have its own supply valve. If you’re unable to find it, turn off the main shut-off valve in the home.
  2. Wipe down excess water - Before you start patching up the problem, water needs to be removed. Using a clean cloth, wipe down the pipe to remove the water which has leaked.
  3. Tighten the joints - For this step, you’ll need an adjustable wrench. Search the area of the leaky pipe and tighten any fittings. If they’re loose, tighten them to form a more durable seal.
  4. Patch up the pipe - You’ll have to have certain materials on hand to patch up a leaky pipe. Some items that work are epoxy putty, pipe clamps, neoprene, and rubber from a garden hose. If these items are not on hand, grab some duct tape. Remember, this is just a quick fix before a professional comes.

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