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What is the Quality of Water in My Home?

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Have you ever questioned the quality of water coming from your faucets? Many individuals tend not to question their water if it is not discolored, smelly, and does not have a bad taste. It is important to know about the quality of the water flowing through your pipes—even if the water looks fine. It is only when you find out about water quality that you can purify water that you and your family use and consume.

Water quality refers to the purity of water. Clean water has a high quality, but no water is ever truly pure. The reality of the situation is that water, in a natural state, picks up impurities as it moves (gases, particles, dust, etc.). Water in homes and commercial buildings is filtered at water treatment plants, and NYC has some of the country’s highest standards of water treatment. Even though treatment facilities remove impurities, they do not get everything. Many individual factors alter the quality of water in an individual’s home.

The best plumber NYC has to offer can test to get an accurate picture of water quality. It is only when you know what problems you have that you can begin to fix them. For instance, if it turns out you have hard water, the best plumber NYC has to offer can install water softening systems in your home. Once these filters are installed, all water in your home is softened. Similar style filters are added on a needed basis.

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