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Identifying a Leaking Toilet

When it comes to plumbing in NYC, it is always best to identify a problem before it becomes a serious and economically draining issue. One of the leading culprits of plumbing expenses is faulty, leaking toilets. A leaking toilet can cause dramatic flooding in an apartment or condo. It is easy to avoid this problem by identifying what causes a toilet to leak, in order to stop it before it gets unmanageable. This article will aim to help learn the ways to identify a toilet leak, and what causes it.

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Toilet leaks are a simple fix, but the most difficult part of the solution processes is finding the leak itself. Sometimes leaks can be silent and hidden, and are only noticeable by a dramatic increase in a water bill.

The first step to assessing if there is a leak is to remove the upper lid on the toilet bowl. Once the lid is completely off, flush the toilet and wait for the water to rise to its required water line level. After the line rises back, add 5 to 10 drops of a noticeable food coloring into the tank; red, blue, or purple are suggested over yellow.

Next, replace the lid and wait approximately one half hour. If the water appears to be clear, and devoid of food dye, there is no leak in the system. If the water has any hint of color, there is a leak in the toilet.

After you determine that there is in fact a leak, contact a plumber in NYC to help address the issue. Letting the problem go unresolved will undoubtedly lead to more expensive problems in the future.
Another method of identifying toilet leaks is to check the water level inside of the toilet tank. Each and every toilet has a part called an overflow tube. If the water in the tank is above a certain level, it will spill over into the tube and waste water. This will sound like a constantly running toilet. This is a simple solution to solve, for a plumber in NYC. A Plumber will adjust the rod and ball float by altering the adjustment screw. If you have an alternative flushing mechanisms, such as a cup float, slide the locking slide that operates the float down approximately a half of an inch.

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Always remember, if you are over your head, in terms of knowing how to properly repair the toilet, always contact a professional plumber in NYC.

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